Skyline Garage Drachten

Skyline Garage imports Japanese cars from the 1990s which are very desirable and it is our passion to bring the car you want to you.

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Skyline Garage Drachten

Skyline Garage was founded on the passion for the Japanese cars. It’s our goal to bring as many high quality, yet affordable Japanese cars to the Netherlands. This is becoming increasingly difficult because of the increasing demand from America. Thanks to our contacts in Japan we not only have access to the auctions, but also to dealerships.

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Our pride

Nissan Skyline GT-R

In 1999 this Nissan was delivered to its first owner in Japan. After 15 years and mostly being stock, the car was sold to the UK. That owner took great care of it and did many upgrades to the car, mostly to the interior and the engine. After only a year the car was put up for sale and I purchased it. Since the end of 2015 I’ve been busy making the car my own. Adding carbon fiber accents, renewed the brakes and a different exhaust are some of these things.

Our pride

Nissan R34

Last year we’ve added another R34. A fourdoor. I was in need for a daily that fits the company, a better choice wasn’t available I think. Engine-wise it’s not a fast car, but the looks are awesome. This car also will receive some upgrades.

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