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Mazda RX-7 FD3S

Re-Amemiya/R-Magic/Feed widebody

This 1993 Mazda RX-7 FD3s is one of which you will not find a second.

The car has received a make-over by Japanese tuners like RE-Amemiya, Feed and R-magic.
Engine wise the car is fairly standard. The engine is at this moment being rebuilt so that the new owner can enjoy this car for a long time without any headaches.

Chassis has done 109.000 kilometers. At 91.000 the car received a new clutch. At 102.000 the transmission has been rebuilt.


- R-magic cooling hood II
- Re-Amemiya front bumper & canards
- Re-Amemiya rear quaters 2005 widebody
- N1 rear bumper
- R-magic Power FC
- R-magic sports catalyser
- Aragosta coilovers
- Rays 19" 57Xtreme
- 5 Defi gauges
- Feed doorhandles
- Recaro driversseat
- Cusco roll cage
- 5 Defi gauges
- Many more!



Location: Skyline Garage Drachten
Build year: 1993
Number of KM's: 109.000
Number of BHP: 280
Color: Black

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