Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R


This beautiful Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R has been sold by Skyline Garage.

The car was delivered on Heisei 7 - 3 which translates to March 1995.
The Japanese service documents are present and show that the first maintenance was done at 1273 kilometers.
The last service done in Japan was at 89.525 kilometers.
The service documentation comes with a folder of Zele International.
This is one of the big name companies for the Nissan Skyline in Japan.

At 92.430 kilometers the car showed up on the Japanese auction and was purchased by the Dutch owner, who still owns the car.
The appeared as a grade 4B, which means that it's a very good car.

The car was approved for Dutch roads in august 2016 and has been driving in the Netherlands since.
After 4 years and just over 30.000 it is time to let someone else enjoy this car.
The car has always been driven with a lot of pleasure and it has received some modifications:
- Nismo engine mounts
- Nismo gearbox mount
- Nismo headgasket
- Nismo oilpump
- Nismo baffle plates
- Nismo Super Coppermix twin plate clutch
- Nismo turbos
- ARP headstuds
- Bosch 044 fuelpump

All of the modifications were done to make sure the RB26DETT is staying in superb condition. The original Nissan oil pumps are known to fail, hence a bigger capacity and stronger oil pump by Nismo was chosen. The turbos the car originally had from the factory are known to wear out due to the ceramic exhaust wheel. The turbos by Nismo have a steel exhaust wheel, making the turbos stronger and more durable.
There are many brands available for the clutch but Nismo is one the stronger clutches while still maintaining the original feeling. The headgasket was replaced as a precaution and again was chosen for Nismo. While the RB26 head was removed the owner has also decided to put in stronger ARP headstuds. All these modifcations will save the new owner a lot of money if you would like to make more power.

The body is in very good condition. The underside of the car is absolutely spotless and pictures are available upon request.
What makes this car unique is that it has the original exhaust, original suspension, original airfilter box and original wheels. All in very good if not perfect working order.

It is a very well-documented car which is very important with the prices rapidly increasing. 

Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R


Location: Skyline Garage Drachten
Build year: 03-1995
Number of KM's: 125.000
Number of BHP: 300
Color: KH3 - Black


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